Drop Shipping Agreement

Once approved, you will access to our online product catalog, where you can choose products, download products feed which has an up to date information and listings of diamond jewelry. The file also contains link to jewelry photos and certificates where applicable.

It is worth noting that on a weekly basis we update the file, therefore upon joining make sure you are given the most current copy of the inventory. This will help you avoid any backorders mishaps.

It is also important to make sure that before selling any of our products to the customer, you ascertain the availability of the product. This is to avoid a situation where you sell and even close the deal but the product is available at that time.

We do not restrict on prices, as a reseller you are free to sell the products at any price; therefore as an authorized dealer you are free to create your own prices. This sets us apart from other dealers where one is supposed to maintain the recommended price at all times.

If you would like to get more information you can contact us through our contact form.

As earlier indicated, you will incur very minimal cost while dealing with our product , shipping is one of the activities that we will undertake on your behalf. This is one of the major challenge that most online sellers experience , it is evident that the cost of shipping a product to the customer eats much of the profit , when you are dealing with a product where this cost is taken care of , it means you will have a higher profit margin. You will not also be required to hire extra labor to handle the shipping related tasks, this is already taken care of.

When it comes to actual delivery, we normally ship the order to the customer under the name you select , through this your customer will not know that you are using a third party.

We can also DROP SHIP to the customers in United States as well as the international buyers. The customers will only know your name, this ensures that keep a good name with your customers. Only your name and contact will be provided during the shipping, the customers have no way of knowing that their orders were shipped by a third party. The fact that we drop ship means that there is no need to pre order or stock inventory from us, this will in essence give you more free time ,through this you will concentrate on other things.We clearly understand that as a trader you may not have time to commit all the time in business , you need to undertake other activities , with our partnership you will have adequate time to attend other business.

What is required when submitting an order?  

The following information is needed when submitting an order

  • Item’s reference number (SKU)
  • Indicate the DROP SHIP SALE in the order
  • The buyer’s shipping details: customer name , address as well as the phone number

Return  Policy


Our return policy is flexible; we normally receive any returns within 15 days after the delivery. The cost of returning the product will not be borne by Best Diamond Drop Shipping Program.

The following guidelines should be adhered:

  •  Email us where the subject of the email is ‘DROP-SHIP RETURN’. Make sure   you have included the diamond’s  ID number.
  •   Clearly indicate the reason of returning the product
  •   Indicate the tracking number
  •   Insurance is an obligation for shipping all returns

Upon receiving the returned item, it will be examined by our experts to ascertain the validity and whether the product is really faulty. A competent specialist will undertake the inspection as an integral procedure for returned items. In an event that there are some doubts on the validity of the returned item, we recommend withholding of the refund until such a time where the certificate of authenticity is given.



All orders are to be paid upfront using a wire transfer, credit card or PayPal. You have to confirm that payment has been made for any order to be shipped. We do not offer credit purchases, all the items ordered must be paid upfront.

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