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It’s every client’s joy to buy a worthy item at a great deal. Through using us, you are assured to be purchasing right from the source at the lowest prices. We only deal with diamonds that are from the world’s most renowned diamond trading platforms which are: Tel Aviv (Israel),  New York (USA),  Antwerp (Belgium).

Our services are professionally discrete as no client will ever realize you are using a third party supplier for the direct shipment. We shall offer you abundant access to numerous wholesale of genuine and exquisite Diamond Engagement Rings.

How it works

Dropshipping means that your store is based on an online platform, or ideally, on your own website. To make your job even more easy, in addition to products catalog you get products data feed in .csv format + product images & video.

Choose your product from our catalog.

Upload a product to your selling platform.

After your buyer places an order, you collect payment and place an order at our webste, pointing your buyer’s shipping details.

We handle and ship an order directly to your buyer on your behalf.


Wholesale prices from diamond exchange member

Free access to downloadable catalog of 2000+ products

Products for any occasion:

Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary & Evening Dress

Our products

All products are accompanied with gemology certificate.
GIA, IGI, AIG, IGL certificates are available.

Additional services by demand:

Diamond selection by budget
Ring resize - free of charge
3D modeling / model customization

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